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Right now, in the dark the person’s hand that you hold the chance of you ever having met that person is like a miracle even where you go into the light don’t let go of that hand

There are people who can't find what they want to do,
It doesn't mean it's good to live a different kind of life.
But when you find what you want to do,
It's a very lucky thing; it's good to go through with it

With just your mind things resolve easily, but the heart…

Cherry blossom is the head. But for some reason everyone thinks that the number side is heads. you want to believe the beautiful side to be front but it doesn’t go that way. Young ones, exited by money…

Future plans: Living while smiling (kotani nobuko), become a good person (kiritani shuji)

In the world… It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. It’s only if you will be believed or you won’t believed.

If you are alive, you will have some terrible days… and also some wonderful days. That’s what life is

You don’t believe it because it’s truth but it becomes the truth because you believe it. That day when people stop believing in vampires, then disappear from the world.

If you believe anything is possible

Everything in the world is game. Thinking you’ve lost giving up in the middle is stupid. The one who lasts till the end enjoying the game is the winner. That’s probably the rule of this world.

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